About Me


The President was President Truman

The first transistors and tubeless tires invented

The CIA was established

Ferrari started building sports cars

UN voted for the creation of Israel as an independent state

The sound barrier broken

The first mobile phone was created.

Can you guess the year?

My mission is to improve your finances and health, one question at a time, ALL based on personal usage and success.  

I LISTEN.  My clients trust me.  

I endorse only products and systems that continue to work for me.  My financial advice is based on personal experience. I endorse these, financial systems and products, because I gain maximum results and value from them.   I continue to experience fabulous therapeutic benefit from health products specifically formulated for my body.

I am a master networker who always thinks creatively about how to help others, and I work full-time toward that effort.  As a retired registered nurse, with a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) from Hampton University, my extensive experience in marketing and the medical field truly enrich all my client referral decisions.

My hometown is a small town on the upper eastern shore of Maryland, with only one traffic light on the interstate near the liquor store/hotel, a main street with a hardware store, post office, bank, train station, sub shop, one elementary and one high school, a mix of Protestant churches, no doctor, and no hospital.  This backdrop helps me have a real appreciation for depressed economies, self-care, and health maintenance. It is also a town where if you aren’t in the political favor of the bank manager and owner, the services available to you are limited, i.e. SOUND financial advice and loans.

My father and mother worked very hard to impress on us the “American dream,” go to college, get a good job (keep it) and work hard.  They sacrificed a lot to complete their part of the American dream with all five children.


I went to college in a borrowed car, in full faith that the money for tuition would come somehow from somewhere---and so it did!  

 After being on the college campus two weeks, I met my future husband. A military officer, linguist, and US Treasury employee, and father of my two children.  A man so proud he refused the services of the VA to treat several lengthy illnesses, which resulted from exposure to Agent Orange exposure while in military service in Vietnam.

After completing college, I worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital, passed my nursing boards, and began traveling with my husband to different duty stations.  This was exciting and provided quite an educational experience in finances and health care disparities, both across the country and globally. Diversity in the military life also increased my awareness of the different financial needs of many cultures.


I have been a widow for thirteen years and appreciate the journey I have been so blessed to travel.  Being a long-time marketer and health advocate increases my awareness of the many contemporary cultures with whom I interact.  Witnessing poor outcomes for both young and old based on their financial status continues to be impactful in good outcomes.


Through it all, I have recognized that many of people’s health issues are also related to their finances.  

My interest in businesses, that establish creative, financial opportunities as well as better health outcomes via self-care affect the present life philosophy by which I now live.

Today, these very real life experiences, combined with my formal education, and continuing educational practices in finance have created the Me of today.


Nurse Brenda, Entrepreneur

P.S.  The year was 1947


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