About Brenda

Our mission is to improve the health of America, one test at a time. We are eliminating the confusion in the vitamin industry; while offering an outstanding financial opportunity.

Our president, Brenda Graham, is a registered nurse, with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Hampton University. She is a master networker that loves to think creatively about how to help others and she works full time toward that effort.

She uses all the products that we endorse; not because she has to, but because she gains the maximum therapeutic benefit since they are specifically formulated for her unique body chemistry.


“It has been my pleasure to have known Brenda Graham for nearly two and one-half years now. I first became acquainted with Brenda while participating in a joint internet-marketing venture. Since that time, I have followed her success as she has pursued and developed a very successful business of her own. I am very impressed with Brenda's leadership ability as well as her business acumen.” June 6, 2012

2nd Charles Smoot M.Th., L.T.T., C.P.C, Independent Business Analyst, Payment Card Affiliates

“Brenda is fully committed to creating wealthy business owners. Even a little exposure to her successful ways will help your business grow, as it has done for mine.” April 30, 2009

2nd Eric Graham, Consultant, Lux Consulting