Marketing Strategies for Politicians on the GO!

Typical marketing for politicians is from a grassroots perspective and only recently has evolved more into the digital/electronic media realm, as seen with the last two US Presidential elections. Communicating with voters is crucial, as in most elections the results are winner-take-all versus receiving market share. The overall goal is to balance the various advertising methods identified below to find the most effective way to engage a target audience and inspire them to take the desired action: to vote or support the candidate!


Field Operations

Volunteers and paid staff canvas neighborhoods going door-to-door, distributing yard signs, bumper stickers, and other branded materials in support of their candidate. Rallies are held at small and large venues alike to showcase candidate viewpoints and highlight issue stances, while receiving feedback from the audience at the same time.


Mass Media

Print advertising can be beneficial to introduce a candidate and their platform along with television and radio ads. With the rise of social media, there has been a recent decline in television and radio advertising which can be very costly. Direct mailing is another means which helps explain messaging and platforms.

Digital Branding

Marketing Strategies for Politicians on the GO
Social Media Marketing

The internet provides unique ways to develop a personal brand, use a website to establish candidate views on issues, while simultaneously fundraising. Email marketing is popular to communicate with supporters regularly about events, schedules, strategies and more. With the accessibility and affordability of cameras, sharing videos is another way to share messages to educate voters.

Social Media

One of the most common ways to build voter relationships is through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, which can be linked together to gain support. The communication can be tailored to groups by age, designated region and other demographics. There are two basic types of social media: organic with a natural following or paid advertising which can help to quickly expand candidate influence.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing, the hottest trend in marketing, provides candidates the ability to communicate with constituents. Proximity Marketing is affordable, flexible, and accessible from all smartphones and mobile devices. Through the use of Nearby technology, target audiences can be reached using the GO from Asirvia to enhance all the above forms of marketing to ultimately reach voters.

Here’s How Proximity Marketing works:

Asirvia is the leader in proximity marketing solutions for campaigns and businesses alike.

Asirvia provides a tiny wireless piece of hardware that can fit in the palm of  your hand called a GO. It’s like a digital billboard you can carry with you. You can locate a few GOs where a lot of your potential constituents pass by, and keep a GO in your campaign headquarters. The GOs are weather resistant and are very easy to use with double back sticky tape to put on the back of sandwich boards, benches, billboards, shop windows or anywhere you see a lot of foot traffic.

Marketing Strategies for Politicians on the GO
Marketing Strategies for Politicians on the GO

Using Asirvia’s GO SERVICES web-based platform, you decide the promotional message and link you want to program on your GO. The GO broadcasts your message and link which can be viewed as a notification on nearby smartphones and mobile devices that are Bluetooth and Location enabled.

Why is this a good way to market? Because everyone carries their phone with them everywhere, as well as using it for all forms of news and information. Seeing the notification on your phone is a lot like viewing your social media notifications.

You can even track the number of exposures you get every day through the GO SERVICES platform so you can easily confirm that proximity marketing is working for your campaign.

The GO from Asirvia automatically promotes your campaign and attracts new voters at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Having the GO working for your campaign 24/7 gives you more time to do what’s most important – making sure you inspire voters to take the desired action: to vote or support your candidate!

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