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Marketing Strategies for Politicians on the GO!

Typical marketing for politicians is from a grassroots perspective and only recently has evolved more into the digital/electronic media realm, as seen with the last two US Presidential elections. Communicating with voters is crucial, as in most elections the results are winner-take-all versus receiving market share. The overall goal is to balance the various advertising methods identified […]

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Car Dealerships Increase Customer Loyalty With Proximity Marketing

The number one thing all car dealerships have in common, is the drive (pun intended) to provide excellent customer service to ensure they retain their customers. They know that, if they offer the type of customer service that their customer can trust and count on, they have a greater chance of repeat business each time […]

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New Way to Market for Businesses on the Move

One of the best ways to market on a budget is with proximity marketing. You have probably never heard of it! But, for approximately 7 years, some of the top retailers in the world have been using proximity marketing with massive success. Recently, this technology has become available to ANY business. It is VERY affordable […]

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