No-one is destined to live a life of poverty;
because, each of us has the ability to change
everything in this life.

Nurse Brenda Graham

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Testimonial About Me!

Hi Nurse Brenda,

Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t called you, Nurse Brenda. My husband woke up one morning and was unable to raise his arm . We didn’t understand what was wrong because he went out the night before and was fine. We figured we’d wait a few hours and go to the emergency room if he was not feeling better.

 I told Nurse Brenda about the problem and she said I should go straight to the emergency room.
I said, 
“Oh no, he’ll probably be fine. We will wait until tomorrow.”
She said, 
“Go now! He might have MRSA and could die.”

Well, we went straight to the emergency room it took the emergency room all night to figure out what Brenda knew right away!

 My husband had MRSA. Nurse Brenda literally saved his life.

I recommend everyone with health concerns speak with Nurse Brenda. She will always be in my prayers. I know she can help you as she’s helped us so many times.

Mrs. Dorman 

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